For Remote Staff

How I Give Great Service

Description:This activity reinforces the idea that there are many ways to give great, personal service. Each participant uses the letters of their name to suggest service-oriented actions. This activity was adapted from the classic activity book, The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games.Materials:Note Pads and Pens for each participant.Flip-chart or white board and markers for the…Full content with purchase


Split Personality

Description:This witty activity was developed by a customer service manager. Her goal was to help team members get to know each other while working from home. This activity requires Zoom or another collaboration platform.Materials:NoneDirections:Select a date for the activity. Ask reps to dress with special care on that day. They should dress in appropriate office…Full content with purchase


Count Off

Description:This activity was adapted from the classic activity book, The Big Book of Virtual Teambuilding Games.In this activity, participants focus on communication skills and try to avoid talking over each other. The game can be played with local teams, remote teams, or hybrid teams via phone or collaboration platform.As the group struggles to stop talking…Full content with purchase


Household Scavenger Hunt

Description:In this scavenger hunt, remote staff will compete to collect all of the items, snap a photo, and share with the entire team. This fun activity is so quick and easy you can host a new scavenger hunt each day of Customer Service Week.Materials:NoneDirections:This activity can be used over the course of one to five…Full content with purchase


We Are A Dream Team

Description:This team building activity reinforces important behaviors of a Dream Team and encourages reps to recognize coworkers for their individual contributions.Materials:Customer Service Week Dream Team handout, which lists the 10 attributes of a dream team. Directions:When your team is assembled, explain that they will bring the Customer Service Week theme to life by providing an…Full content with purchase


Getting To Know You

Description: This popular Customer Service Week activity provides an opportunity for team members to learn a little bit more about each other. When they do, stories are shared, bonds are formed, and cooperation and teamwork soar.This is a good at-your-desk activity, when played via email, or a collaboration platform. Materials:Getting To Know You QuestionnairePrizes for…Full content with purchase


Two-Way Communication

Description:This classic communication exercise illustrates the importance of two-way communication in a very visual and often humorous way. Materials:8-1/2" x 11" paper for each participantDirections:Have participants arrange their chairs classroom style or around a table.Hand each person a sheet of paper. Ask them to close their eyes and follow your directions as noted below.No one…Full content with purchase


Match Up

Description: There are so many variations and so many ways to get to know team members with this simple matching game. If you have remote staff, it can be an effective way to include them in the celebration as well.The objective is for participants to match photographs to their coworkers. Popular match themes are baby…Full content with purchase


Chair Decorating

Description: Chair decorating contests have always been part of Customer Service Week celebrations. The activity allows enough flexibility to fit into any celebration and participants enjoy the camaraderie and creativity. In addition to decorating chairs many organizations decorate the work area as well. Click to see how Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley decorated with a…Full content with purchase