How I Give Great Service


This activity reinforces the idea that there are many ways to give great, personal service. Each participant uses the letters of their name to suggest service-oriented actions. This activity was adapted from the classic activity book, The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games.


Note Pads and Pens for each participant.
Flip-chart or white board and markers for the leader.


Ask each participant to write their first name vertically down the center of a sheet of paper. Demonstrate by writing the following on the flip-chart or white board:

Next, ask participants to use each letter of their name to come up with an action that they can take to offer great customer service. For example:

Finally, ask each participant to read their list out loud for the group.


Where there any common solutions or themes in the answers? (For example, did several participants focus on listening or empathy?)

Were there any especially creative, or even funny, solutions?

Were there several solutions for a single letter such as M? Ask reps to read their solution to just a single letter and discuss the many, many ways that customers and reps think about great service.

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