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  • Foil Balloons

    Fill these oversized 18″ foil balloons with helium and they will stay afloat for your entire Customer Service Week celebration.

    Each package includes 2 lime-green balloons, 2 purple balloons, and 2 fuchsia balloons. The logo appears on both the front and the back.

    Foil Balloons (shipped flat)

    $15.00/pkg. of 6

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  • Latex Balloons

    Create a festive atmosphere with our colorful 11″ Latex Balloons. Each package includes 5 lime-green balloons, 5 purple balloons, and 5 fuchsia balloons.

    The Customer Service Week logo is imprinted on the front and back so that the message is always in sight.

    Fill with air or helium. But please keep in mind that even the highest quality latex balloons will only hold helium for 12 to 14 hours.

    TIP: If your balloons must stay afloat for several days, select our Foil Balloons or add High-Float Treatment to our Latex Balloons.

    Latex Balloons (shipped flat)

    $6.95/pkg. of 15

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  • Banner

    Our oversized 2′ x 6′ vinyl banners are perfect for hanging indoors or out. Use them in the lobby, break room, call center, and customer service department — anywhere that celebration activities are held. Banners include sturdy metal grommets for easy hanging.



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  • Mini Poster Pack

    The Mini Poster Pack includes 12 delightful posters. They are sized to be used on their own in smaller spaces and individual work areas. Or hang them together to fill a larger space.

    Each Mini Poster measures 8″ x 12″ and is printed on sturdy card stock. When hung together, they easily fill an area over four square feet or 9 feet long.

    Mini Poster Pack

    $19.95/pkg. of 12

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  • Poster

    Hang these colorful full-size posters in the lobby, break room, call center, and customer service department — anywhere that celebration activities are held.

    Posters measure 22″ x 34″ and are shipped in protective tubes to ensure they reach you in excellent condition.



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  • Pennant Strings

    Colorful Pennant Strings compliment our Posters, Banners, and Balloons and fill large areas with ease. Each string of pennants is a full 30′ long and includes sixteen 9″ x 12″ vinyl pennants.

    Pennant strings are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Hang them in the parking lot and building lobby or drape across ceilings and around dividers and tables. When decorating a larger space, simply connect two, three, or more pennant strings.

    Pennant Strings


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Customer Service Week Decorations set the tone for your entire celebration.

The official 2022 Customer Service Week logo is Celebrate Service™. The logo is colorfully illustrated with a flurry of teal, lime-green, fuchsia, and purple confetti. These four colors are used on all of the Customer Service Week decorations so that your events look coordinated, polished, and professional from the moment staff arrives until the last gift or goodie bag is distributed. The decorations include Posters, Banners, Pennant Strings, Mini-Posters, Latex Balloons, Mylar Balloons, and even Push Up Confetti Poppers. The Banners and Pennant Strings are suitable for use indoors or out. While the Posters and Mini Posters are perfect for indoor use. And, of course, Push Up Confetti Poppers are fun everywhere.

To plan your decorations, start by assessing each area where Customer Service Week activities will be held. This might include the office or building lobby, breakroom or pantry, conference or meeting rooms and, of course, the service department or call center itself.

Then consider the options: Posters, Banners, Pennant Strings, Mini-Posters, Balloons, and Push Up Confetti Poppers. Start with the focal point of the room, or the area that guests will see first when they arrive. This area should be bursting with color. For this location consider larger items such as Banners, Pennant Strings, and Balloons.

If you are serving food, your dining area should include color coordinated tableware. Choose two of the colors from the Customer Service Week logo, such as lime-green and purple, and use tablecloths, paper plates, napkins, and more to pull the look together. Balloon bouquets for the tables and table tents to identify individual dishes will be the final touches for your dining areas. Color coordinated table tents are in the Printables section of

Also consider decorating individual work areas. Smaller items such as Mini-Posters will brighten any workspace. Many event planners also include a single Foil Balloon filled with helium and tied to the back of each chair. Imagine the sea of balloons when people arrive on Monday morning.

Throughout the week, you'll be distributing gifts in the Customer Service Week colors. By Friday afternoon, each workspace will be filled with colorful decorations, fun gifts, and meaningful recognition.