Fun Fidgets & Stress Relievers

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  • Color Changing Stress Balls

    This Color Changing Stress Ball takes stress relief to a new level. Give it a squish, pull, squeeze, or smush and watch as it changes color.

    It is filled with a non-toxic, dough-like material that is durable and always returns to its original shape. It’s a tactile experience full of soothing colors and textures.

    For easy gift-giving, each 2-1/2″ ball is individually packed in a colorful cardboard box with the Nee Doh brand logo and the text:

    Need to mellow out? Then you knead Nee-Doh! Grab a glob and give a squeeze. The experience will blow your mind, soothe your soul, and have you feeling groovy in no time. 

    Color Changing Stress Balls (Assorted Colors)

    $20.00/pkg. of 5

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  • Wooden Fidget

    This clever wooden fidget features 24 interconnected triangles. It can be turned, twisted, and scrunched into an endless array of possibilities.

    In addition to being a fun stress reliever, the triangles can be arranged to hold pens, notes, cell phones, and other small desk items. Just let your imagination run wild.

    When opened to it’s full length the Wooden Fidget measures a full 16″ long.

    Wooden Fidget


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  • Balance Blocks

    Restore a sense of calm with natural handmade wooden balance blocks.

    The set includes five multi-sided blocks. The simple act of balancing the blocks provides a moment of relaxation and an opportunity to regain calm and balance during a hectic day.

    The blocks come in a 7-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 2″ wooden box with the words, “Reclaim Your Balance” printed on the lid.

    Balance Blocks


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  • Panic Pete

    Panic Pete has been a wildly popular stress reliever since he was created in the 1980s. And it’s easy to see why: When the tension rises, give his belly a firm squeeze, and his eyes, ears, and nose will pop and stress will turn to smiles. This classic fidget is sure to be a popular gift during Customer Service Week.

    Panic Pete is 5″ of stress-busting fun. He arrives packed in a nostalgic box.

    Panic Pete


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  • 10-Second Stress Test

    The 10-Second Stress Test is lots of fun and it really works. Simply hold your thumb on the heat sensitive black dot for 10 seconds. The dot will change color to tell you whether you are relaxed or tense. If you are tense, flip the card over for deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and visualization techniques that can be used to lower stress.

    The 10-Second Stress Test is sized like a business card (2″ x 3-1/2″) and comes in a pack of 10 so you can share them with everyone.

    10-Second Stress Test

    $15.00/pkg. of 10

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  • Time-Out Timer

    Feeling a bit stressed? Just flip the timer and take a two-minute break while the tiny droplets spiral downward. The Time-Out Timer is a fun and engaging desktop stress reliever that helps you refocus your attention whenever you need a quick break.

    For easy gift-giving, each Time-Out Timer is individually packed in a white cardboard box.

    The Time-Out Timer is 6-1/2″ tall.

    Time-Out Timer


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One of our most popular categories of Customer Service Week gift is Fun Fidgets and Stress Relievers. These gifts are entertaining, relaxing, and most importantly they show that the giver understands and empathizes with the stress of the frontline service job.

Our Fun Fidgets and Stress Relievers all offer a common benefit: An opportunity to shift gears and refocus attention away from stressful situations. This can be done with our Balance Blocks, Time-Out Timer, Wooden Fidget, Panic Pete, and Color Changing Stress Ball.

Below are four ways that you can incorporate stress reduction into your Customer Service Week celebration.

Host a stress break. Serve healthy snacks and beverages, distribute our 10-Second Stress Test and view the results as a team, practice deep breathing techniques and yoga stretches, then send everyone back to their desks with a lots of Fun Fidgets and Stress Relievers.

Stretch. Once an hour, have everyone stand up and stretch. Just increasing blood flow and straightening out those kinks for a few seconds gives the mind and body a boost.

A fun way to get everyone up during Customer Service Week is to do the wave. Find a goal such as a certain number of calls handled, a specific average handle time, etc. When you reach your goal, have one side of the center start the wave and watch it travel through the department.

Massage. Hire a masseuse to give chair massages while reps are on breaks.

Play. Everyone should have at least one Fun Fidget and Stress Reliever on their desk so that they are prepared whenever a difficult situation arises.