Customer Service Week Social Media Resources

You’re celebrating Customer Service Week because of your organization’s commitment to service excellence. Use these social media resources to spread the word.

Whether you post, tweet, or blog, let your followers know that you are participating in this international event. It’s also the perfect time to share your service mission or vision statement, and to publicly recognize your frontline staff.

Here’s how:

The official Customer Service Week hashtags are #TeamService, #CustomerServiceWeek2023 and #CSWeek2023.

Sample tweets

  • Every department, every location, every shift. @CompanyName we are all on #TeamService and we’re working together to meet our customers’ needs. Happy Customer Service Week. #CSWeek2023
  • When the going gets tough, the dedicated customer service professionals @CompanyName are here to help. We honor each and every one of them during #CustomerServiceWeek2023
  • Enjoying breakfast with the amazing customer service team @CompanyName. #TeamService #CustomerServiceWeek2023
  • During #CustomerServiceWeek and throughout the year, our frontline reps make a difference in customers’ lives. #CelebrateService

Sample posts

  • During Customer Service Week, we are recognizing our outstanding service team. In the photo, you’ll see Alicia Storrs receiving the award for rep “Most Likely to be Adopted by a Customer.” #TeamService #CustomerServiceWeek2023
  • Today Senior Vice President Tom Thompson celebrated Customer Service Week by discussing the organization’s ongoing focus on service excellence. Hear his motivating address at http://www.XYZ
  • We did it! As part of our annual Customer Service Week celebration, our dedicated customer service team raised $1,040 to support the work of the ABC food pantry. Learn more about the pantry at http://www.XYZ
  • This morning 319 service professionals in our Bethesda office signed the Customer Service Week pledge. I am proud and honored to work with this team of service professionals. #TeamService #CustomerServiceWeek2023

Sample shoutout posts

Post a shoutout highlighting the service stars on your team. This is a wonderful way to show off your team to customers, coworkers, and senior management. There are three popular types of shoutout posts:

  1. The relationship builder. Include a few fun facts that make reps seem more human and approachable. Consider things like the number of years with the company, favorite thing about customer service, pets and their names, and more.
  2. The testimonial. Set your reps apart as service experts. Gather praise from all of your channels and share.
  3. The mission. Build relationships with customers. Ask reps to explain why customer service matters to them.

Each post should also include the a high quality photo of the team member, your organization name or logo and the Customer Service Week logo.

Social media image

The following logo may be used in social media for Customer Service Week 2023. Link to

The shape, colors, and typeface used in the Customer Service Week logo were carefully selected. You may not stretch, condense, reshape, change the colors, or alter the logo in any way.

Download Social Media logo. Link to

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