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  • Ceramic Planter Kit

    Fresh plants make any workspace a happier, healthier place. Our new Ceramic Planter Kit has a clean modern look with bamboo legs and a white ceramic pot.

    Each Ceramic Planter Kit includes two feet that fit together easily to create the base, a ceramic planter, a soil pellet, a packet of coleus seeds, and complete directions for planting and growing.

    When assembled, the overall size of the Ceramic Planter Kit is 4-1/2″ high x 4″ wide. It is packed in a brown kraft box with easy assembly instructions on the outside.

    Ceramic Planter Kit


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  • Pop Up Bouquet

    Give a beautiful life-sized bouquet of pop-up flowers during Customer Service Week. Team members will love this assortment of lilies and lupines. And best of all they will last forever.

    Each gift includes a 12″ high by 9″ wide paper bouquet, paper vase, and a matching gift card ready for you to personalize. The bouquet is packed flat inside a floral envelope. It may be presented in person or sent through the postal mail depending on where your team is working.

    To mail, simply affix four forever stamps.

    Pop Up Bouquet


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  • Wooden Planter Kit

    Every workspace needs something fresh, green, and vibrant. Our Wooden Planter Kit fits the bill.┬áJust add water and you’ll have fragrant thyme growing at your desk year-round.

    Each Wooden Planter Kit includes a natural pine box (with plastic liner to prevent leaks), a soil pellet, a packet of thyme seeds, and complete directions for planting and growing.

    The overall size of the Wooden Planter Kit is 3″ x 3″ x 3″.

    Wooden Planter Kit


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Floral gifts are always welcome during Customer Service Week. And the benefits last long after the celebration is over. Researchers have found that indoor plants can have a positive impact on health, stress-levels, indoor air-quality, and even productivity.

Our planter kits provide all of these benefits as well as opportunities for teambuilding activities. The planter kits include a wooden or ceramic planter, soil pellets, seeds, and directions. Gather as a team to start your plants. Then meet regularly to assess progress. It will quickly become clear who has the green thumb on the team. If reps are working from home, be sure to keep those planters in sight for all of your Zoom calls.

And while live plants offer many benefits, they are not right for every team. Instead consider giving beautiful bouquets of pop-up paper flowers during Customer Service Week.

Every bloom arrives at the peak of perfection and will last forever. Plus there's no planting and no watering. The Pop Up Bouquet is perfect for on-site, remote, and hybrid teams.

Weather you choose live plants or paper bouquets, your team will appreciate these thoughtful gifts during Customer Service Week