Essential Workplace Gifts

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  • Desk Supply Tower

    This space-saving tower will be a welcome addition to any office. The stacked compartments swing out for easy access to hundreds of binder clips, paperclips, and push pins. And best of all everything is in Customer Service Week blue.

    Each Desk Supply Tower includes over:

    • 120 Paperclips
    • 90 Push pins
    • 15 Binder clips

    The overall size of the Desk Supply Tower is 3-1/4″ x 4-3/4″.

    Desk Supply Tower


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  • Wooden Planter Kit

    Every workspace needs something fresh, green, and vibrant. Our Wooden Planter Kit fits the bill. Just add water and you’ll have fragrant thyme growing at your desk year-round.

    Each Wooden Planter Kit includes a natural pine box (with plastic liner to prevent leaks), a soil pellet, a packet of thyme seeds, and complete directions for planting and growing.

    The overall size of the Wooden Planter Kit is 3″ x 3″ x 3″.

    Wooden Planter Kit


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  • Screen Cleaner With Cloth

    This compact kit includes a spray bottle and microfiber cloth that work together to wipe dust and smudges from all types of displays. With its clever design, the cloth and spray bottle are stored under a vented lid to keep everything together and allow the cloth to dry quickly.

    At just 4″, it’s the perfect size to slip in a drawer, pop in your bag, or tuck into a corner of your desk.

    Screen Cleaner With Cloth (Refillable)


    $30.00/pkg. of 10

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  • Note Pads

    Perfect for taking quick notes throughout the day or jotting a to-do list in the evening. Our slim note pad measures 3-1/4″ x 8-1/8″ and includes 50 sheets of paper with a sturdy cardboard backing.

    Pair our Note Pads with Two-in-One Pens for a practical gift that’s sure to be used again and again.

    Note Pads

    $20.95/pkg. of 10

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  • Two-in-One Pens

    Destined to become an office favorite, this contemporary pen does double duty as a pen and a stylus. It’s perfect for all of your touch-sensitive electronics such as smart phones and tablets. The pen is brushed metal with a white logo and a black comfort grip.

    Tip: Pair our Two-in-One Pens with Note Pads or Sticky Note Packs for a practical gift that’s sure to be used again and again.

    Two-in-One Pens

    $15.95/pkg. of 10

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  • Sticky Notes

    This handy little spiral book comes packed with all of the sticky notes and flags you need. At just 3″ by 3″, it’s the perfect size to slip in a drawer, pop in your bag, or tuck into a corner of your desk.

    Each pack includes:

    • 125 sticky flags, 25 each in blue, orange, green, pink, and yellow
      (1/2″ x 2″)
    • 125 sticky notes, 25 each in blue, orange, green, pink, and yellow
      (3″ x 2″)


    Sticky Notes

    $25.95/pkg. of 10

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  • Keyboard Calendars

    This wonderful little desktop helper keeps the Customer Service Week theme and logo in sight for 12 full months. The calendar starts with October 2023 and runs all the way to September 2024. Each Keyboard Calendar measures 1″ x 12-3/4″ so it fits perfectly at the top of a keyboard, on a monitor, or on any other flat surface. Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick.

    Tip: For an easy and inexpensive gift, slip Keyboard Calendars inside Customer Service Week Thank You Cards.

    $11.95/pkg. of 10

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  • Sold out!

    Monitor Mirrors

    Remind everyone on the service team that their smile can be heard with this practical Monitor Mirror. Each 3-1/2″ x 4″ mirror arrives with adhesive tape to affix to virtually any surface. There’s also a built-in clip for holding notes and messages.

    The text on this popular gift reads:

    Your smile can be heard

    Tip: Your reps may be skeptical about the value of smiling when speaking on the phone, so try using the Building Rapport activity. It’s in the Activities Section of the website.

    Monitor Mirrors

    $22.50/pkg. of 5

    Sold Out

Every workspace should be comfortable, organized, and filled with helpful tools, fun stress relievers, and fresh, blooming plants.

The official 2023 Customer Service Week logo is Team Service™. The theme serves as a reminder that no matter where reps work, what their titles are, or how they serve customers, everyone is on Team Service™.

It’s an important message that will bring your staff together during Customer Service Week and throughout the year.

The logo is colorfully illustrated in navy blue, sky blue, burnt orange, and a sunny yellow. These colors are used on all of the Customer Service Week Essential Workplace Gifts.

So fill every workspace with bright, colorful, and practical items like the Team Service Note Pad and Pen, Screen Cleaner, Keyboard Calendar, Monitor Mirror, and Supply Tower. Then top it off with a splash of green with the Wooden Planter Kit.