Essential Workplace Gifts

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  • Paper Clip Helper

    Bring a little whimsy to every workspace with the adorable Paper Clip Helper. Simply press the little figure down and he will select a paperclip and present it to you. The secret is that he has tiny magnets in his hands.

    Each Paper Clip Helper is delivered in a white cardboard box. He is ready to get to work with a starter set of 10 multicolored paper clips.

    Paper Clip Helper

    $27.50/pkg. of 5

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  • Stand Up Pen

    This contemporary metal pen makes an impressive and welcome gift. It starts with a sleek three-part gift box in soft grey. Nested inside is the 5-1/2″ pen which features a black enamel finish over aluminum. There’s also a weighted base to keep the pen upright and always within reach. The base is finished in brushed aluminum with a protective felt bottom.

    The Stand Up Pen and base will be used for years to come. Refills are available at most stationary stores.

    Stand Up Pen


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  • Sticky Note Packs

    This handy little spiral book comes packed with all of the sticky notes and flags you need. At just 3″ by 3″, it’s the perfect size to slip in a drawer, pop in your bag, or tuck into a corner of your desk.

    Each Sticky Note Pack includes:

    • 125 sticky flags, 25 each in blue, orange, green, pink, and yellow
      (1/2″ x 2″)
    • 125 sticky notes, 25 each in blue, orange, green, pink, and yellow
      (3″ x 2″)


    Sticky Note Packs

    $25.95/pkg. of 10

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  • Monitor Mirrors

    Remind everyone on the service team that their smile can be heard with this practical Monitor Mirror. Each 3-1/2″ x 4″ mirror arrives with double-faced mounting tape to affix to virtually any surface. There’s also a built-in clip for holding notes and messages.

    The text on this popular gift reads:

    Your smile can be heard

    Tip: Your reps may be skeptical about the value of smiling when speaking on the phone, so try using the Building Rapport activity. It’s in the Activities Section of the website.

    Monitor Mirrors

    $19.95/pkg. of 5

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  • Note Pads

    Perfect for taking quick notes throughout the day or jotting a to-do list in the evening. Our slim note pad measures 3-1/4″ x 8-1/8″ and includes 50 sheets of paper with a sturdy cardboard backing.

    Pair our Note Pads with Two-in-One Pens for a practical gift that’s sure to be used again and again.

    Note Pads

    $20.95/pkg. of 10

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  • Two-in-One Pens

    Destined to become an office favorite, this contemporary pen does double duty as a pen and a stylus. It’s perfect for all of your touch-sensitive electronics such as smart phones and tablets. The pen is brushed metal with a silver logo and a black comfort grip.

    Pair our Two-in-One Pens with Note Pads or Sticky Note Packs for a practical gift that’s sure to be used again and again.

    Two-in-One Pens

    $15.95/pkg. of 10

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Every workspace should be comfortable, organized, and filled with helpful tools, fun stress relievers, and fresh, blooming plants.

If you are looking for gifts that your team will use every day, consider workplace essentials such as Pads, Sticky Notes, Pens, Monitor Mirrors, and more.