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  • Giant Crossword Puzzle

    A fun activity for everyone on the service team. This over-sized crossword puzzle measures 40″ x 26″. It includes over 600 general interest questions. Hang it in the service center or break room to get everyone working together to solve the clues. Or, if you prefer a little good-natured competition, put together teams and distribute a different color pencil to each team. At the end of the week, the team to solve the most clues is the winner.

    Giant Crossword Puzzle


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  • Giant Pencil

    Add to the fun of your Giant Crossword Puzzle with a Giant Pencil. At a full 15″ long, it’s sure to bring lots of smiles. And it really works!

    Giant Pencil (Sold individually. Assorted colors.)


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    Team Ball

    To boost camaraderie and build team spirit during Customer Service Week, try the Team Ball.

    Toss it, catch it, look under your thumb and answer the question or respond to the prompt. It’s a fun and engaging way to get teams talking about what makes the team work and what can make it work even better.

    The Team Ball is best for groups of five or more. Each Team Ball includes facilitator notes to help you get the most from this activity.

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    The Team Ball prompts include:

    • What’s the best thing about being on a team?
    • What’s most challenging about being on our team?
    • What inhibits trust in our team?
    • How do we build trust among team members?
    • How can we make sure everyone feels heard?
    • How do we make everyone feel included?
    • How do we show respect for one another?
    • How can we ensure we don’t duplicate efforts?
    • How do we gain commitment?
    • What if someone isn’t pulling their weight?
    • How should we manage disagreements?
    • Give an example of a goal we are all working towards
    • How can we prevent negative energy from bringing us down?
    • How do we celebrate success?
    • What happens if we admit mistakes to each other?
    • Give an example of a mistake we learned from
    • How can we better support each other?
    • How do we show respect for each other’s role in the team?
    • When was the last time we had constructive conflict?
    • How do we check that we are working toward the same goal?
    • How might we show appreciation of good work done?
    • How can we make our meetings more positive and productive?
    • Is our team good at solving problems?
    • Do we share our own weaknesses with each other? Why?
    • How can we inspire each other to achieve our goal?
    • Do you consider yourself a good team player? Why?
    • What teams are you a part of in your life?
    • What’s been your most positive team experience?
    • How should we develop consensus?
    • How does our communication speed or slow our process?
    • How do we balance individual and team success?
    • What de-motivates our team?


    Team Ball


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    Virtual Team Building Games

    This timely activity book will help remote and local team members interact as if they are in the same room.

    Whether your team is videoconferencing with coworkers across the world or emailing colleagues sitting 10 feet away, the truth is that technology has permanently altered the way we communicate. And the lack of face-to-face interaction can impede trust, innovation, information sharing, and creativity among team members.

    Virtual Team Building Games is packed with exercises and activities for developing productive virtual teams across all digital platforms, including email, mobile devices, web-based conferencing, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

    Virtual Team Building Games will help you:

    • Build a greater sense of community and enhance teamwork
    • Increase levels of engagement
    • Boost team members’ productivity
    • Ensure that the only thing separating your people is distance.

    Virtual Team Building Games is just the tool you need to develop trusting relationships, foster clear communication, and use technology to enhance your team’s connections.

    Virtual Team Building Games
    7-1/4″ x 9-1/4″, 236 pages.


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    Team Motivating Games

    Team Motivating Games provides quick group exercises to get your team talking, build excitement, and keep morale high.

    These easy-to-use activities take just 15 to 30 minutes and include handouts and worksheets, which you may photocopy. You’ll find teambuilding activities for every situation including ice breakers, trust building exercises, and problem solving exercisers. There are 61 activities in all.

    The goal of all these activities is to create connections and harmony in the workplace and ensure that teams can work both more productively and more effectively.

    Team Motivating Games
    7-1/4″ x 9-1/4″, 224 pages.


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    Customer Service Training Games

    Customer Service Training Games has been used by thousands of managers, team leaders, and supervisors to help their service teams hone their skills and build teamwork all while having fun.

    These easy-to-use activities take 15 to 30 minutes and include handouts and worksheets, which you may photocopy.

    The activities will help your frontline staff:

    • Create rapport with customers and coworkers
    • Recognize and respond to the needs of every customer
    • Go beyond the expected
    • Keep a positive attitude at all times
    • Speak and communicate clearly
    • Deal with difficult customers, and much more.


    Customer Service Training Games
    7-1/4″ x 9-1/4″, 209 pages.


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  • Scratch Off Cards

    Add extra fun and excitement with our signature Scratch Off Cards. Perfect for every celebration because you choose the prizes and how to use them. Just follow these three steps:

    1. Distribute cards. You decide when and where to distribute Scratch Off Cards. The secret is, the more cards a person collects, the more chances to win. Consider the following:
      • Give everyone who attends an event a Scratch Off Card.
      • Give everyone who completes a Customer Service Week puzzle a Scratch Off Card.
      • Hand out Scratch Off Cards when you “catch” someone giving exceptional service.
      • Send scratchers home in Customer Service Week Thank You Cards. Then gather for a Zoom call to see who the big winners are.
    2. Choose your prizes. Each pack of 25 Scratch Off Cards includes one Gold Prizewinner, two Silver Prizewinners, two Bronze Prizewinners, and 20 “Sorry” cards. You decide what prizes are right for your team.
    3. Keep the fun going. Invite anyone with a “Sorry” card to sign the back and return the card. Place all returned cards in a drawing for runner up prizes and small gifts.


    Scratch Off Cards

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Are you wondering: "What should I do for Customer Service Week?"

The answer is clear: Host team building, skill-building, and recognition activities.

Many event planners create their own activities tailored to the needs of their teams, others rely on games and activities developed by professional trainers. Hundreds of pre-planned training activities are presented in Big Book of Customer Service Training Games, Big Book of Team Motivating Games, and Big Book of Virtual Team Building Games. These are all available above.

Another easy way to add high-quality activities to your Customer Service Week celebration is with the materials in the Activities section of These activities make it fun and easy to celebrate. Each activity includes, complete instructions, leader tips, and handouts, if needed. The activities are conveniently listed in four categories: Team Building, Recognition, Skill Building, and Remote Ready.