Team Spirit & Recognition

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  • Push Up Confetti Poppers

    Make Customer Service Week even more festive with a shower of colorful confetti.

    When reps arrive at work greet them with a welcoming burst of confetti. Make desk-side visits with a shower of confetti. And recognize award winners with cheers and lots of confetti.

    Our 7″ Push Up Confetti Poppers are easy to use. Simply remove the clear plastic lid, aim for the ceiling, push the stick, and watch the confetti fly.

    Push Up Confetti Poppers

    $22.50/pkg. of 10

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  • Champagne Jelly Beans

    Your event will “pop” when you celebrate with our Jelly Belly champagne flavored jelly beans. They have all the flavor of a glass of bubbly in a mini-sized bottle and with none of the alcohol.

    The adorable bottle is 4-1/2″ tall and filled with 1-1/2 ounces of jelly beans. The re-sealable lid is even designed to look like a cork.

    So, go ahead and Celebrate Service with Champagne flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans.

    Note: Jelly Belly jelly beans are Kosher. Gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, fat free, and vegetarian friendly.

    Champagne Jelly Beans

    $54.00/pkg of 24

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  • Pop Up Bouquet

    Give a beautiful life-sized bouquet of pop-up flowers during Customer Service Week. Team members will love this assortment of lilies and lupines. And best of all they will last forever.

    Each gift includes a 12″ high by 9″ wide paper bouquet, paper vase, and a matching gift card ready for you to personalize. The bouquet is packed flat inside a floral envelope. It may be presented in person or sent through the postal mail depending on where your team is working.

    To mail, simply affix four forever stamps.

    Pop Up Bouquet


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  • Wristbands

    Wear your team spirit during Customer Service Week with our custom Wristbands.

    Each band is delivered individually packaged with a colorful card which reads:

    This band was created as a tangible reminder that you have the power to make a positive impact on customers.


    $21.95/pkg. of 10

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  • Thank You Cards

    Thank your staff, other departments, and individuals with high-quality cards created exclusively for Customer Service Week 2022.

    Each 5″ x 7″ card features a description of the week on the back and is blank inside for your personal greeting. In the age of email, text, and DM, receiving a personally signed card makes a big impact.

    Cards are sized so that you may include matching Coasters, 10-Second Stress Tests, or Scratch Off Cards. These are all available at

    The event description reads:

    Customer Service Week provides a unique opportunity for service and support professionals around the globe to join in a celebration of the important role that customer service plays in every organization.

    To mail, simply affix one forever stamp.

    Thank You Cards

    $29.95/pkg. of 25

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  • Service Award

    Recognize the valuable contributions of staff, other departments, and individuals with these distinctive Service Awards. Designed to stand on a desk or shelf, the award features the full color Customer Service Week logo embedded in crystal clear Lucite.

    Each 6″ x 4″ x 3/4″ Service Award arrives in a solid black box for easy gift-giving and attractive presentation.

    Service Award


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  • Certificates of Appreciation

    Show your appreciation to staff, other departments, and individuals with these fine-quality 8-1/2″ x 11″ certificates. You may personalize them with the recipient’s or department’s name either by hand or with a standard laser printer. Each package includes 15 certificates.

    The text reads:

    In appreciation of your outstanding commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

    Certificates of Appreciation

    $19.95/pkg. of 15

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  • Scratch Off Cards

    Add extra fun and excitement with our signature Scratch Off Cards. Perfect for every celebration because you choose the prizes and how to use them. Just follow these three steps:

    1. Distribute cards. You decide when and where to distribute Scratch Off Cards. The secret is, the more cards a person collects, the more chances to win. Consider the following:
      • Give everyone who attends an event a Scratch Off Card.
      • Give everyone who completes a Customer Service Week puzzle a Scratch Off Card.
      • Hand out Scratch Off Cards when you “catch” someone giving exceptional service.
      • Send scratchers home in Customer Service Week Thank You Cards. Then gather for a Zoom call to see who the big winners are.
    2. Choose your prizes. Each pack of 25 Scratch Off Cards includes one Gold Prizewinner, two Silver Prizewinners, two Bronze Prizewinners, and 20 “Sorry” cards. You decide what prizes are right for your team.
    3. Keep the fun going. Invite anyone with a “Sorry” card to sign the back and return the card. Place all returned cards in a drawing for runner up prizes and small gifts.


    Scratch Off Cards

    $22.95/pkg. of 25

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  • Logo Pins

    Wear your team spirit during Customer Service Week with our custom Logo Pins.

    Each 1-1/4″ pin is made using a modern cloisonné process. A raised outline of the design is created then filled with colored resins. Each color is filled separately and fired in an oven at 1700 degrees. The process and the use of colored resins give each pin a beautiful glossy finish.

    Logo Pins

    $24.95/pkg. of 10

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Team spirit can change your staff from a group of individual reps to a team of coworkers who help and support each other in meeting service goals and improving the customer experience.

You could say that team spirit is the foundation for providing great customer service.

To build team spirit during Customer Service Week and beyond, consider incorporating team-building and recognition activities into your plans for the week. You'll find many pre-planned Customer Service Week activities in the Ready to Use section of the website.

Another easy way to add high-quality team-building activities to your Customer Service Week celebration is with pre-made activities which include all of the materials you need plus instructions. Three favorites for Customer Service Week are the Pipeline Challenge, the Helium Stick Challenge, and the Team Ball. You'll find these in the Activity Books and Kits section of the website.

And, of course, Customer Service Week, is the time to wear, share, and recognize team spirit with Logo Pins and Wristbands. You can also reward team members who embody team spirit with Certificates of Appreciation, Thank You Cards, and more. These are all available above.