Customer Service Week Puzzles

Add to the fun of your celebration with ready to use Customer Service Week puzzles. Each puzzle includes, complete instructions, handouts, solutions, and more.

All of the puzzles may be used by on-site, remote, and hybrid teams.

New puzzles will be added in the months leading up to Customer Service Week. To receive announcements, sign up for free eMail Bulletins.

And don’t forget to include Customer Service Week Activities, Customer Service Week Printables and Customer Service Week eCards in your celebration plans.

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  • Free for all

  • Premium

    • Angry Customers Logic (Remote ready)
    • Beginning and End (Remote ready)
    • City Scramble (Remote Ready) NEW!
    • Creative Connections, 3 Puzzles (Remote ready) NEW!
    • Family Affair (Remote ready)
    • Find-a-Word NEW!
    • Have a Seat
    • Hidden Number (Remote ready)
    • Hink-Pinks, 2 Puzzles (Remote ready)
    • Keep Your Distance NEW!
    • Mixed-Up Meaning (Remote ready)
    • Name Game (Remote ready)
    • Puzzling Pairs, 2 Puzzles (Remote ready)
    • Quarrelsome Coworkers
    • Rewarding Results (Remote ready)
    • Something From Nothing
    • Upside Down Calculator (Remote ready)
    • What Did You Say? 2 Puzzles (Remote ready)

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