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  • Above & Beyond Gift Boxes — Select Delivery Method Below

    Our Above & Beyond Gift Box delivers the fun and recognition of Customer Service Week to remote reps.

    Each gift box is colorfully imprinted with the Customer Service Week logo and the warning, “Do Not Open Until Customer Service Week.”

    Inside your team will find a carefully curated collection of Customer Service Week gifts. Each item was selected to make the work from home experience more positive and less stressful. The gifts include:

    Rocket Stress Ball. The 2024 Customer Service Week logo comes to life in this foam stress ball which should be on everyone’s desk.

    Mini Zen Garden. A delightful gift and a calming addition to any workspace. Includes sand, a rake, rocks, and a 32-page booklet, which explains the art of Japanese gardening and the benefits of mindfulness.

    Absorbent Stone Coaster. Keep desktops dry and the Customer Service Week logo in sight with our ultra absorbent stone coasters.

    Pad and Pen. The perfect duo for taking quick notes throughout the day or jotting a to-do list in the evening.

    Keyboard Calendar. Fits perfectly on a keyboard or monitor. It starts with October 2024 and runs all the way to September 2025.

    Virtual Backgrounds. Everyone on your team can choose their favorite background to use for meetings and activities during the week.

    Unpacking List. The list includes an introduction to Customer Service Week and to each gift. The list begins:

    It’s Customer Service Week — A special time set aside to recognize the importance of customer service and to honor the people who go Above & Beyond for customers. You have been recognized with a Customer Service Week Gift Box.

    Here’s what you’ll find inside…

    Click for important information

    The Details:

    • Delivery: Gift Boxes will be sent to you or to remote reps at the addresses you provide. You may make your selection below. The cost to ship to remote locations is included.
    • Mailing list: If you would like us to deliver to remote reps, we will follow up on August 15 to request mailing addresses.
    • Delivery Date: Gifts will be delivered 3-5 business days prior to the start of Customer Service Week. But don’t worry, every colorful box has the message, “Do Not Open Until Customer Service Week.”
    • Tracking: You have access to real-time online tracking via the website.
    • Packing: Sturdy shipping boxes filled with color-coordinated crinkle tissue ensure damage-free delivery.
    • Custom kits: Create your own gift boxes with items from A 50 box minimum applies.
    • Learn more: Call us at 1-973-265-2300 or email


    $39.95, Gift Box - Ships to a single location with the rest of your order

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  • $54.95, Gift Box - Ships to Individual locations in the 50 U.S. States

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  • $64.95, Gift Box - Ships to individual locations in Canada

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  • Access to Ready to Use Materials

    (Print or download – Perfect for Online Celebrations)

    The Ready to Use Materials are FREE to all customers. Or you may purchase access only. This includes:

    • Print-and-use puzzles and games to challenge and entertain. There are word puzzles, math puzzles, and logic puzzles. They are suitable for in-house and remote teams.
    • Ready-to-use activities with step-by-step instructions and handouts. You’ll find teambuilding, skill-building, and recognition activities. There are even activities especially for remote teams.
    • Fun and useful downloads. There are cupcake toppers, gift tags, candy bar wrappers, treat tags, and table tents for onsite celebrations. Plus save the date cards, agenda forms, invitations, and more for onsite and remote celebrations.
    • Virtual backgrounds featuring the Customer Service Week theme and logo were created especially for use during your online meetings and team activities.

    Downloads, Puzzles, Activities, Backgrounds, and more.
    (Free with your order of $49.95.)


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  • Gift Boxes

    Create your own gift boxes for on-site and remote staff. These colorful boxes are imprinted with the Customer Service Week logo and the words, “Do Not Open Until Customer Service Week.”

    High quality printing and sturdy corrugated cardboard ensure that these boxes will withstand the elements and arrive looking beautiful.

    You will receive your Gift Boxes flat and ready for easy assembly. All you need is one piece of packing tape.

    The interior of each box measures 9″ x 6″ x 4″ and will fit many of the Customer Service Week gifts available at

    Tip: Save time with Gift Boxes pre-packed with Customer Service Week goodies. Have them sent to your office or directly to remote staff. You’ll find all the details here.

    Gift Boxes 

    $60.00/pkg. of 10

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  • Thank You Cards

    Thank your staff, other departments, and individuals with high-quality cards created exclusively for Customer Service Week 2024.

    Each 5″ x 7″ card features a description of the week on the back and the words, “Thank you for going Above & Beyond for Customers” inside. In the age of email, text, and DM, receiving a personally signed card makes a big impact.

    Cards are sized so that you may include matching Gift Card Folders, Keyboard Calendars, or Scratch Off Cards. These are all available at

    The event description reads:

    “Customer Service Week provides a unique opportunity for service and support professionals around the globe to join in a celebration of the important role that customer service plays in every organization.”

    To mail, simply affix one forever stamp.

    Thank You Cards

    $29.95/pkg. of 25

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  • Pop Up Bouquet

    Give a beautiful life-sized bouquet of pop-up flowers during Customer Service Week. Team members will love this assortment of lilies and lupines. And best of all they will last forever.

    Each gift includes a 12″ high by 9″ wide paper bouquet, paper vase, and a matching gift card ready for you to personalize. The bouquet is packed flat inside a floral envelope. It may be presented in person or sent through the postal mail depending on where your team is working.

    To mail, simply affix four forever stamps.

    Pop Up Bouquet


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At the start of the pandemic, many customer service reps headed home to help protect themselves and their coworkers. Today, many reps continue to work from home, demonstrating that they can serve and support customers in new ways and often in their slippers.

Now, you can send the fun and recognition of Customer Service Week home with the Above & Beyond Gift Box, the Pop Up Bouquet, and Thank You Cards.

The gift boxes are colorfully imprinted with the Customer Service Week logo and the warning, “Do Not Open Until Customer Service Week.” They are packed with a carefully curated collection of gifts chosen with frontline reps in mind.

To make your gifts even more special, gather on a Zoom call to open the gift boxes together. If your group is large, set up calls for individual teams with their supervisors or team leaders at staggered times.

Once everyone is on the call, thank reps for going Above & Beyond for customers, then count down to open the boxes. 10, 9, 8, 7 …

After everyone has oohed and aahed over their gifts, Ask them to place everything in their work area and share a photo with the team.

For more ideas on hosting a Customer Service Week celebration for remote staff, see the sample agenda in the Ready to Use section of the Customer Service Week website. It includes activities and puzzles for each day of the week.