Puzzling Pairs, 2 Puzzles (Remote ready)

Materials:Puzzling Pairs sheets for each team member.

A Customer Service Week Two-in-One Pen to use.
Notes:Listening is one of the most important skills for service professionals. In this fun word puzzle, changing a single letter in a word gives it a whole new meaning. This illustrates the point that you must listen carefully to every word, every letter, and even every non-verbal clue that a customer provides.

The last question on each puzzle sheet asks participants to create their own Puzzling Pairs challenge. Gather these and share them with your team.

Reward everyone who completes a puzzle with a Customer Service Week Scratch Off Card.
Puzzles/Solutions:Puzzling Pairs 1 sheets.
Puzzling Pairs 2 sheets.

Puzzling Pairs 1 solutions.
Puzzling Pairs 2 solutions.

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