We Are A Dream Team

Description:This team building activity reinforces important behaviors of a Dream Team and encourages reps to recognize coworkers for their individual contributions.
Materials:Customer Service Week Dream Team handout, which lists the 10 attributes of a dream team.
Directions:When your team is assembled, explain that they will bring the Customer Service Week theme to life by providing an example of a coworker displaying one of the attributes of a Dream Team.

Start the process by discussing the first attribute. For example:

“The first attribute is ‘We take pride in our work.’ I’ve seen this displayed on so many occasions. But just last week Marjorie, took the extra time to double check all of the CLG reports. That’s the kind of pride in our work that really does make us a Dream Team.”

Next, open the discussion to the group, and ask who can share an example of a coworker who demonstrated the second attribute, “We value teamwork.”
Remote Tip:Dispersed teams can easily complete this activity using a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, Webex, or Google Hangouts.

Instead of gathering in the office, simply complete this activity online.

To follow up, create a list of the examples that were cited for each of the Dream Team attributes.

Post to your shared workspace, Intranet page, or send directly to team members.
Discussion:Take a few moments to discuss this exercise and to encourage the types of behaviors that reps noted.

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