Team Building

Spirit Cheers

Description:Bring everyone together with a fun competition to create team-pride cheers. Materials:Spirit Pennants for all participantsDirections:Divide your group into teams of five or six people.When the teams are assembled, explain that they will be creating their own team-pride cheer. Provide the time frame for the project. Allow two or three days so that teams are able…Full content with purchase


Scavenger Hunt

Description: In this traditional scavenger hunt, each team receives a list of items that they must collect. The team to collect all of the items in the least amount of time wins the challenge.Rather than simply preparing a list of items to gather, focus on objectives for your group such as, learning more about teammates,…Full content with purchase


Penny Wars

Description: This activity is based on the Penny Wars activity at Health Business Systems. The goal was to build teamwork while competing to raise the most money for a local charity. See the penny wars event in action.The activity lasts for five days so you can start on the Monday of Customer Service Week and you…Full content with purchase


Match Up

Description: There are so many variations and so many ways to get to know team members with this simple matching game. If you have remote staff, it can be an effective way to include them in the celebration as well.The objective is for participants to match photographs to their coworkers. Popular match themes are baby…Full content with purchase


Chair Decorating

Description: Chair decorating contests have always been part of Customer Service Week celebrations. The activity allows enough flexibility to fit into any celebration and participants enjoy the camaraderie and creativity. In addition to decorating chairs many organizations decorate the work area as well. Click to see how Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley decorated with a…Full content with purchase



Description: This activity is based on the CanStruction activity at Kansas City Life. The goals of the activity were to encourage teamwork, have fun, and collect much needed food for a local food pantry. Click to see how Kansas City Life combined teambuilding and community service. Materials:Each team is responsible for providing the canned goods for this…Full content with purchase


Cake Decorating, Nail it or Fail it!

Description: If your team loves the Netflix series Nailed It!, they will love this variation on the classic Customer Service Week Cake Decorating activity.As in the TV show, individuals or teams will work to recreate an elaborately decorated cake or cupcakes. Materials:Each team will need a selection of items based on the specific challengePrizes for 1st, 2nd, and…Full content with purchase


Cake Decorating

Description: This is a fun and creative activity that everyone enjoys. Teams are challenged to create a cake that is both delicious and represents the assigned theme. For example: “What service means to me,” “Our service mission,” “The Dream Team™,” or “Teamwork.” Materials:Each team will need the following items:Plain sheet cakeFrosting, assorted colorsIcing tubes, assorted…Full content with purchase


Build a Tower

Description: In this activity, teams are asked to make an exact replica of a tower, which has been created by the leader. Unfortunately, no one team will receive all of the materials that they need. As teams struggle to create the tower they will realize that by sharing materials they can all achieve a better…Full content with purchase


Bingo 9 Square & 25 Square

Description: Bingo is always popular and it’s perfect for customer contact centers because reps can play right at their desks.We’ve created two Bingo Cards for your celebration. Materials:Bingo CardsPrizes for the winnersCSW Scratchers for all participantsDirections:In each of the boxes, type a word or phrase your reps are likely to hear during the course of…Full content with purchase