Build a Web of Compliments


In the busy service center it’s often easy to forget to make time for kindness. This activity encourages reps to recognize coworkers and create a literal web of compliments, which connects each individual to the team.


One ball of yarn for each team


This activity works best with teams of eight to 12 participants. Have each team form a loose circle and provide one person on each team with a ball of yarn. This person is the team leader.

When your teams are assembled, explain that they will have an opportunity to create a web of compliments by recognizing others on the team.

Ask the team leaders to start the process by sharing something that they like or admire about a member of the team. After sharing the compliment, the leader wraps the yarn around their wrist and tosses the ball to the person who has received the compliment. Now, she compliments a team member, wraps the yarn around her hand, and tosses the ball. In the first round, each participant may receive only one compliment.

In the second round, the person holding the yarn may compliment anyone. For some teams, two rounds is ample. For others, the game can continue for several rounds.


Take a few moments to discuss the web. Everyone should be included and have several connections to and from team members. Ask the team to discuss the types of compliments that they heard. These are the traits that the team values and that should be encouraged.

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