Grab Bag (Service Skills Refresher)


This is a fun way to refresh skills during Customer Service Week. It can be used at any time to add a little spontaneous fun and training to the day. Consider introducing it during an ice cream sundae break, pot luck lunch, or any other time that people are gathering. This fun activity demonstrates the importance of clear communication and some of the pitfalls when instructions are ambiguous. This activity was adapted from The Customer Service Activity Book.


Small paper bag with handles
3″ x 5″ index cards. Ten to 25 cards based on the size of your group and how often you will be playing.


On each card, write a customer service problem, situation, or question that your team faces on a regular basis. You may also want to include a few silly questions to get the group into the spirit of fun.

To start the activity, announce, “It’s time for the Grab Bag.”

Ask the nearest person for a number from 1-20. Quickly count up to that number as you move about the group. When you come to the number selected, stop. This person will be the participant.

Ask the participant to reach in the bag, select one card, and read it aloud. Next, ask them how they would respond to the situation described. When they are finished, open the floor to additional suggestions, ideas, or examples.

Reward the participant with a small gift.

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