Pay It Forward Day

Last year’s Customer Service Week celebration at the Cooper Creek Event Center was a huge success.

Organizer Jamie Marie Zamora summed the week up when she told us, “It truly was a celebration of the hard work each employee does! They felt appreciated and were reminded that their positive attitudes and kind acts do not go unnoticed!”

The team celebrated every day, but Jamie says that Friday was the favorite. It was pay-it-forward day, a day to focus on the positive cycle of kindness.

Each employee was given an envelope with a simple act to perform that day. Each person who received a kindness was also asked to “pay it forward” by repeating it or another act of kindness.

The tasks were not complex says Jamie, and included everyday things such as: opening the door for a stranger, writing someone a nice letter, giving a stranger a compliment.

And for one day during Customer Service Week, Cincinnati was a kinder place, thanks to the positive cycle Cooper Creek started.

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