A Speech To Make Everyone Proud

The team at Taro Pharmaceuticals began celebrating Customer Service Week four years ago and as Carol Augias tells us, “it has grown little by little from a breakfast on Monday, to include a small lunch on Friday, to a week-long celebration that everyone looks forward to.”

But certainly the highlight has to be the Closing Lunch Soiree. A theme is chosen and appropriate decorations and food are provided. At the event, each rep receives an award and Carol gives a carefully prepared speech. In it she talks about the accomplishments of the department and weaves in an anecdote about each rep’s success during the year. She even includes a quote from at least one customer and one outside sales rep.

Additional activities included:

  • Monday. Kick-off breakfast, introducing the Customer Service Week theme, schedule of events, goals for the week, and a presentation from the senior vice president of global sales and marketing.
  • Tuesday. Seminar on time management, plus a fun afternoon playing Minute to Win It.
  • Wednesday. Presentation on the service teams activities, plus announcement of the customer service rep of the year, and a rousing game of Deal or No Deal.
  • Thursday. Donuts and small stress relievers are delivered to other departments. Pizza lunch with company trivia contest.
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