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Penny Wars Benefit Local Charity

Every year, we ask the Customer Service Week community to share celebration highlights.

For the team at Health Business Systems, the Penny Wars were enjoyed by all. You may remember Penny Wars from your school days or your children’s. Incorporating this fun, competitive fundraiser into a Customer Service Week celebration makes a lot of sense.

To begin, divide the service group into teams and have each team decorate their own collection jar. Now, the competition begins.

Here’s how Karen Tredinnick describes the event at Health Business Systems:

On Tuesday and Wednesday each team member brought in all their pennies and placed them in their team’s decorated jug. On Thursday morning all pennies were removed from the jars and counted. The total number of pennies was not revealed at this time. On Thursday and Friday the team members put all their silver coins in the opposing team’s jugs. Each quarter placed in the other team’s jug would decrease that team’s total by 25 pennies, each dime, 10 pennies, and so on. This was an exciting and very competitive competition. Team members were raiding their coin jars and going to the bank to exchange dollars for pennies and silver coins to ensure their team was the winning team. The winning team snuck by the second place team by $6.00 and was declared the winner.

At the end of the week, a total of $1,040 had been collected.

As an alternative, consider emptying and counting the containers daily, then posting the cumulative results to keep the competition lively.

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