Team Building

Cake Decorating

Description: This is a fun and creative activity that everyone enjoys. Teams are challenged to create a cake that is both delicious and represents the assigned theme. For example: “What service means to me,” “Our service mission,” “The Power of Service™,” or simply “Teamwork.” Materials:Each team will need the following items:Plain sheet cakeFrosting, assorted colorsIcing…Full content with purchase


Build a Tower

Description: In this activity, teams are asked to make an exact replica of a tower, which has been created by the leader. Unfortunately, no one team will receive all of the materials that they need. As teams struggle to create the tower they will realize that by sharing materials they can all achieve a better…Full content with purchase


Word Bingo

Description: Bingo is always popular and it’s perfect for customer contact centers because reps can play right at their desks. Materials:Bingo CardsPrizes for the winnersCSW Scratchers for all participantsDirections:In each of the boxes, type a word or phrase your reps are likely to hear during the course of the day, such as the names of…Full content with purchase


Answer the Question

Description: This activity was adapted from the classic activity book, The Big Book of Team Motivating Games.The objectives are to demonstrate the benefits of humor and to increase comfort within the team. Materials:A small gift for each participant to take away.Directions:Divide your group into teams of 10 to 20 people.When the teams are assembled ask…Full content with purchase