Lottery Tickets Connect Remote Team Members

For organizations with far-flung customer service reps it can be difficult to celebrate together. ABE Services solved the problem with this fun activity, which involved weeks of planning and brought everyone together for a big surprise.

ABE Services has staff at several branch locations and onsite at client locations. To involve everyone in the celebration, managers went undercover. During the weeks leading up to Customer Service Week, they “snuck” into each location and taped scratch-off lottery tickets to the bottom of each rep’s keyboard.

Then, on the Tuesday of Customer Service Week an email message was sent to all service staff with the subject line, “Ready, Set …” and the first line of the message was, “Look Under Your Keyboard!”

At 10:00 a.m. when the email was delivered, staff at all locations were turning over their keyboards and sharing a special moment together.

According to client services manager Jennifer Lauth, “It was a big hit.” And to top it all off, the person who won the largest prize in the scratch-off contest also received an additional prize from the company.

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