Managers Serenade Their Stars

At Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey, the weeklong celebration focused on teambuilding.

The first activity to bring people together was a special scavenger hunt. The instructions were to seek out supervisors and managers (excluding your own), introduce yourself and ask for their signature on your raffle ticket. The tickets were entered into a prize drawing for movie tickets or lunch with the department managers.

Manager Dena Williams tells us that even the department ’s director got into the spirit and had people stopped her all over the building to request her signature.

The second activity was the Star of the Day program. Stars were nominated by team members and supervisors. Each day a group of managers visited people who were nominated. They read the accolades from the nomination forms and distributed large paper stars. But the highlight of the presentation had to be when the managers broke into an original song, as they thanked reps for all they do each day.

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