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Friday was sports day at Advanced Health Media (AHM) where lots of individual sports themed activities added up to a fun-filled day.

Some events were held indoors with limited room for fans while others, such as the three-legged race and dizzy bat race, were held outside. Reps were encouraged to attend the outdoor events to cheer their coworkers on. To keep everyone involved in all of the activities, up to the minute results were posted on a scoreboard at the AHM website.

Adding to the fun, “vendors” made their way through the office during the “7th Inning Stretch” tossing snacks to the spectators.

Finally, reps were able to win tickets to Giants or Jets games. Working with the AHM vending machine contact, special stickers were placed on one item in each of two vending machines. The lucky person to receive a sticker won the tickets.

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