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Go On A Shopping Spree

While some organizations celebrate Customer Service Week with a host of events and activities each day, others choose to make a big impression with a single special event.

The team at PSA, celebrated for just one day during Customer Service Week but their special event and the element of surprise made the day a huge success.

For months, director Jackie Ready had been telling reps that they would be celebrating with a cookout in a local park.

But when the big day arrived reps were blindfolded and driven to a secret location — the mall. Once there, reps received gifts cards and spent the afternoon shopping and enjoying a relaxed lunch with their colleagues.

Jackie says that the staff was, “surprised and shocked and said it was one of the best Customer Service Weeks ever.”

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Take a World Tour

The team at Masterbrand Cabinets celebrated Customer Service Week with a trip around the world. Well, okay they really did it all without ever leaving home. But what a trip it was …

The week began with associates traveling to the MBCI (Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc.) Airport where they were greeted by supervisors who handed out passports, itineraries, and snacks for the journey.

Each day, associates returned to the airport where they boarded a “Unite All Airlines” flight to their destination. They received a goodie bag with items for their trip, enjoyed a lunch of regional specialties, and played travel and location themed games. Here are the details:

  • Monday — Flight to Mexico. Each associate received a goodie bag containing a stress relief ball, Mexican jumping beans, and candy. Lunch included tacos, chips, and salsa. And the games included pin the flag on Mexico, ring toss in which rings were tossed onto a cactus, a memory game in which associates were shown travel-sized items for 15 seconds and asked to recall as many items as possible.
  • Tuesday — Flight to Hawaii. As associates arrived at the airport, they were greeted with a traditional Hawaiian lei and a goodie bag filled with candy, sea shells, and a bottle of bubbles. Lunch featured Hawaiian pork sandwiches. And the games included pin the flag on Hawaii, a timed hula hoop contest, and a golf putting challenge.
  • Wednesday — Flight to China. At the airport, associates received Chinese take-out boxes filled with goodies such as chop sticks, a compass, and candy. Lunch included egg rolls and various lo mein dishes. And the games featured ping-pong, a suitcase packing game, and a timed game that involved putting various objects into a take-out container box using chopsticks.
  • Thursday — Flight to France. Each associate received candy and a stress-relief toy for the journey. They enjoyed a lunch of croissant sandwiches and non-alcoholic Champaign punch. The day’s games included a French history quiz, pin the flag on France, and a painting contest.
  • Friday — Flight to New York. To wrap up the week, associates visited the Big Apple. At the airport they received a top hat filled with candy and a stress-relief ball shaped like an apple. The day’s meal included New York-style pizza and cheese cake. Games of tacky tourist, pin the flag on New York, and an adaptation of the television show Cash Cab rounded out the celebration.

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Chair Parade

A new Customer Service Week activity at Martin Group is bound to become an annual favorite. Involving reps, other departments and a creative expression of the company’s commitment to service, it’s just what Customer Service Week is all about.

To share their service spirit with the entire company, the Customer Care Support Team created a chair parade during Customer Service Week.

The group was randomly divided into teams of four. The teams were asked to create an Office Chair Float, which represented their commitment to excellent customer service.

A total of seven floats joined the parade traveling through the building tossing candy, Mardi Gras style, to laughing spectators who lined the hallways.

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Celebration on a Dime

Carolyn Reynolds describes her celebration as, “Customer Service Week on a dime.” But there was no skimping when it came to planning a week full of activities, beautiful decorations, and thoughtful gifts.

And best of all, it provided the Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County Information Technology Services Technical Support Center “a much needed opportunity to thank our internal and external customers, and, for the department leaders to recognize our Service Desk Analysts for the terrific job they do.”

Highlights of the week included:

  • Team members kicked off the week by signing the Customer Service Week pledge and recommitting themselves to their service mission.
  • Throughout the week staff acknowledged the great service, follow-up, phone etiquette, and teamwork of their colleagues with Caught in the Act Cards.
  • On game day, there was something for everyone as team members participated in basketball, pool, Mad Gab, and checkers tournaments throughout the day.
  • A stress-relief break, featured ice cream sundaes and stress-relief goodie bags.
  • Throughout the week, coins were awarded both for participation and for winning events. These coins were very important because the team member with the most coins received a grand prize and all others were entered in a prize drawing. The order of the draw was based on the number of coins awarded.

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Chair Decorating Contest

The service team at United Stationers Supply Co. has been celebrating Customer Service Week for several years. This year’s event featured the return of their popular prize wheel, known as the Wheel O‘ Fun, plus many creative new ideas.

Each morning members of the leadership team greeted associates at the door. Theme days, puzzles and activities, and a special breakfast or lunch each day rounded out the week.

But the activity that really caught our attention was called “Pimp Your Ride.” The activity is loosely based on the TV program, “Pimp my Ride.” In each episode a dilapidated car is restored and customized in an over the top effort to reflect the owner’s personality and interests.

In this office edition, associates were asked to customize their own rides — otherwise known as their desk chairs. It was all part of the “awesome week” at United Stationers Supply Co.

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Reps Recognize Each Other

To celebrate Customer Service Week, Systems Services of America created an event filled with movie trivia and an Academy Awards-style party where every rep was a star.

Weeks before the celebration, service manager Dianna Bailey-Thompson asked each rep on her team to write something special about every other person in the department. All of the comments were then combined into a “You Are The Star” booklet.

For the Oscar party, reps dressed in sparkle top hats and star shaped glasses and lined the red carpet to wait for the stars. Dianna called each rep’s name and read the compliments she had received while the rep walked, or danced, down the red carpet past cheering coworkers who blew horns and tossed confetti.

Dianna tells us that it was “a great way for the CSRs to celebrate each other as well as themselves and it was a huge success!” As a momento of the celebration each rep received a copy of the star booklet and an award for her desk.

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Tasty Treats with a Message

On the final day of Customer Service Week, everyone on the service team at Northwestern Mutual was invited to bring in a treat to share. But rather than simply put treats on a table, each person was asked to give his or her contribution an appropriate customer service-related name. So the table was filled with:

  • Courteous cupcakes
  • Loyal lemon bread
  • Added-value apple bread
  • Dedicated donuts
  • Kan-do Korean coleslaw, and
  • Customer satisfied strawberries.

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Celebrate a Decade a Day

The team at Black & Decker/End User Services celebrated the company’s long tradition of service excellence by building their celebration around a different decade each day.

The service staff dressed in appropriate clothing, and the food, activities, music, and prizes were all from that decade. For example, highlights of Monday’s 1950s celebration included:

  • Starting the day with Dunkin’ Donuts (introduced in 1950).
  • Enjoying lunch in a classic soda shop, actually a fully decorated meeting room. The menu included hot dogs, Ruffles potato chips (1958), and ice cream sodas.
  • Playing decade appropriate games such as throwing a Frisbee (1958) into a hula hoop (1958) to win silly putty (1950), Bazooka Bubble Gum (1953), and more.

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Decorating Contest

Throughout Customer Service Week, the team at the Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley enjoyed games, movies, popcorn, prizes, and more. But the one event that really brought out everyone’s creativity was a decorating contest with a holiday theme.

Teams of reps decorated their cubicles for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. Some even dressed in costume to compliment the theme.

One terrific example is the Christmas elves. Partitions were wrapped like gifts and the team dressed as Santa’s elves. They even created a set of rules for service elves:

  • Have good elf-esteem
  • Have good elf-confidence
  • Have good elf-respect
  • Don’t be elf-ish
  • Don’t be elf-centered

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Cake Decorating

You’ve seen the Cake Challenges on TV — Master bakers pitted against each other to create the most beautiful and over-the-top creations.

So when you host a cake and coffee break, or need an fresh idea for a team challenge, why not think cake?

For a cake decorating contest at CBK Mountain Adventures, the staff was divided into teams of two. Each team received a sheet cake, and an assortment of frostings. The challenged was to create a theme cake for the week.

At Princeton Watches, teams of cake decorators were asked to create cakes, which answered the question “What is Customer Service?”

And at Axis New England the cake is the highlight of the celebration, with a professional baker creating a masterpiece each year.

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Customer Service Week Cruise

The team at Federated Investors celebrated Customer Service Week with a five-day cruise.

The week got underway with a kick off “Bon Voyage Breakfast.” The Sansom Auditorium was transformed into the cruise ship’s Lido Deck. Breakfast was served and the head of sales discussed the importance of excellent customer service.

Throughout the week daily events and activities supported the cruise theme. Staff members dressed in resort casual, visited popular ports of call such as the popcorn bar, had their photos taken with the captain, and even made ship-to-shore deliveries of cakes to business units that support the service team.

To view the complete itinerary for the five-day cruise click below. Don’t miss all of the clever touches such as the ship’s name, welcome from the hospitality team, and website set up just for this event.

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Include Every Shift

The Customer Service Week celebration at the Gansevoort Miami Beach Hotel featured three things we love in a celebration: Great food, recognition for all, and a spectacular wrap up.

The week started with a special welcome for the morning team at 7:30 a.m. Team members were ushered through a balloon runway, past cheering executives, to a breakfast buffet.

When the afternoon team arrived at 3:00 p.m. they were greeted with cheers and applause along the runway to a cookie and “mocktail” reception.

Then on Wednesday, the overnight crew was saluted with a full breakfast with white tablecloth service as cheers and bubbles filled the air.

The week wrapped up with a carnival including games ranging from pin the nose on the general manager to, bean toss, to office chair races. Cotton candy, balloon animals, and raffles rounded out the afternoon event.

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